Artist Statement

My fascination with dance and theatre has always been founded on a deep love and enthusiasm for story-telling. It is my goal within my work to find clear but inventive ways to tell stories that will resonate with wide ranges of audiences – stories that comment on deeply rooted aspects of humanity and therefore are accessible to viewers regardless of their personal experiences with the performing arts. I am interested in exploring the ways in which dance can realistically reflect how we move and interact with others in our everyday lives. Therefore, my process is rooted in a lot of improvisational work inspired by specific prompts that relate to various human experiences; I am constantly exploring new ways that movement can make the mundane meaningful. It is my goal to utilize my passion for both theatre and dance in my work, as I am equally as interested in the clarity of the narrative as I am in the aesthetic and visual beauty of the human body. 

Because I aim to access the layered aspects of the human experience, my work also tends to incorporate comedic devices. This, again, comes from a focus on authenticity and sincerity from both the choreographer and the performers. Whether we mean to be or not, humans are funny, nonsensical, and complicated beings and I hope to reflect that to audiences through work that makes them laugh, think, and cry all within a few moments. In addition to the pedestrian and gestural movements that my process tends to generate, I have an interest in partner work. I am constantly exploring ways that multiple bodies can work together to negotiate space and weight and ultimately convey ideas that become greater than the individual. Above all, I believe that art is unpredictable as it is a genuine reflection of life and therefore I never enter my process with an exact vision of the final product in mind. Instead, I enter with a question, a simple concept, or an image of inspiration and allow that to lead me through the process. I am excited by the ways in which dance and theatre can guide me, my dancers, and hopefully my audiences through unpacking seemingly simple and mundane human experiences so that we may begin to see, laugh at, and understand ourselves and each other a little bit more.