Teaching Philosophy

Over the course of my life, dance has served me physically, stimulated me intellectually, and fueled me creatively. I have always understood dance as an artform that supports the growth of an entire individual and therefore, my approach to teaching is centered around recognizing my students as complex, complete, and unique human beings. My responsibility as a dance teacher is to consider the many different sides of each of my students when constructing my classes, so that I may challenge them, guide them, and celebrate them in ways that genuinely resonate with them on a person to person basis. I believe that one of the most foundational elements of effective teaching is a willingness to constantly be learning. My students have as much to teach me as I have to teach them, and I aim to keep my mind and heart open to their individual experiences so that their personal backgrounds, beliefs, cultures, learning styles, etc. can inform the way I approach our time together in class. 

It is my hope that students will leave my class with the tools to further their creative expression and make deep connections with others no matter their similarities or differences. I prioritize including social and historical context for all of my classes so that my students come to recognize the many different types of people that have contributed to building the movement we learn today. I aim to show my students that dance is ever-growing, and that it is a world in which there is space for every single type of person. Through technical instruction that is founded on specificity and safety, my students are encouraged to develop clear and healthy understandings of their bodies. Each class I teach provides an opportunity for students to create and collaborate, so they can not only apply class concepts and physical skills to their own creative practice, but simultaneously exercise their ability to share, listen, and learn from one another.